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GFIS is a company that brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the world of performance psychology, neuroscience, coaching and high performance to bring you bespoke programmes in the ever-changing world of business, education and sport.

Having previously worked with CEO’s from the boardroom to Olympic athletes and coaches, GFIS works with people and organisations that are committed to gain excellence and self mastery in their world.
An amalgamation of over 20 years' industry experience, author, coach and mentor Graeme Foreman brings you training and education that will empower you to accept and achieve your talent and potential in life, business and sport.

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Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness  |  Recruitment - Performance Profiling  |  Personal Development -
Invest in You  |  Psychometric Assessments – PPA / GIA / TEIQue Goal Setting  |  Team Building  |  NLP
Employee Engagement 360 ° Appraisal Systems
Time and Performance  |  Project Management
Life coaching | Seminars, workshops and Individual 1-2-1’s  


Psychologist  |  Physical Literacy – Primary Delivery
Performance Psychology  |  Personal Development  |  Growth Mindsets  |  Performance Resilience  Emotional Resilience  |  PGCE  |  HE / FE Delivery
Fundamental Movement  and Physical Literacy  | 
In-service Training Development


Talent Programming & Development  |  Fundamentals and Physical Literacy  |  Coaching Styles  |  Reflective Processes  |  Coaching and Behavioural Analysis  |  Performance analysis, reflection and review  |  Team Building
National Tutor  |  Performance Psychology and Mentoring 

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“Focusing on and ultimately enhancing, the performance of the mind is clearly a critical component of any rounded performance support programme.  However, like so many others we had neglected this performance pillar until the opportunity to work with Graeme and his team presented itself.  In the time that we have been working in partnership with the PMA the benefits to athletes,  squads and coaching staff have been abundantly clear”   Quentin Sloper, Head of Sport Team Durham

"I read about personal development for two decades but rarely ever applied what I had learned. This course challenged me more than reading a book ever did. As a result, I am building a plan to start on my 50th birthday for a more successful, happy and mindful life. This will apply to my family, work and self. Exceptionally good, useful in all aspects of life and making a real difference to me." 
Emotional Intelligence training attendee, Northumbria Police