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“Graeme’s popularity increased instruction-generated income by 400%”
Steve Willinger (SA-HA Director Singapore)

“Graeme is appreciated by club members for his professionalism and excellent
coaching methods”
Rodney Koo (Marina Mandarin Executive Manager)

“Graeme knows how to set goals and achieve them”
 Keith Cox (Weber State University Head Coach)

“Due to Graeme’s energy, enthusiasm, excellent organisation ability and very professional management style, the sports complex during his tenure rapidly increased in patronage and became well know throughout Singapore”

James Hunt (Vice President Citibank, Singapore)

“He has exceptional skills of being able to communicate with all people and his enthusiasm and ability to motivate gets exceptional results.
Richard Chastney (South Tyneside Local Authority)

“Graeme is a creative thinker and has an innovative approach to human behaviour”
Virginia Harrington (Anthropologist, USA)

“FUNdamentals practical fantastic, bringing back to basics of movement through fun ways to balance, co-ordinate and be agile. Use Graeme again! Graeme was an excellent tutor. FUNdamentals was just that – FUN and mental. Graeme is extremely knowledgeable, a great laugh, very enthusiastic and kept us motivated throughout the session”
John Lewis Partners on Partnership Coaching Programme

“Graeme can always be relied on to demonstrate strong values in the delivery of the work he is involved in”
Jenny Buckham (Head of Coaching Network – sports coach UK)

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Contact: Graeme Foreman at info@gfinternationalsolutions.com         Tel:07771 783625