Education has been a major area of work over the last 20 years from teaching and lecturing to programme writing and resource development.

  • Curriculum Development – around the area of sport, psychology, mindfulness, coaching and performance, module guides and support documents
  • Growth Mindset – understanding how a change in mindset can develop a person’s ability to learn and grow.
  • Resource development – GFIS has been heavily involved in writing a variety of national resources in a range of topics in different countries.
  • HeartMath in schools – a look at how psychological stimulus plays as affect on physiological performance.
  • Leadership roles and responsibility – building leaders of the future
  • Physical Literacy and MultiSkills – A national expert that has delivered international programmes
    It is worth making a mental note that most schools are now million pound businesses as well as educational establishments, therefore if looking for staff or pupil opportunities please refer to the Business Section.

An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Movement

GFIS owner Graeme Foreman has been pivotal in changing the educational landscape around physical literacy in schools. The suite of resources that he designed and authored on behalf of UK Coaching are relevant in developing all children physical and mental growth and the transition from P.E. to Sport to a Healthy Lifestyle. Graeme has delivered Fundamental programmes to teachers and coaches all around the world. The Introduction to Fundamentals of Movement book (ISBN no. 978-905540-70-9) was used Nationally for training. 

Workshop Programmes

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