“Graeme is appreciated by club members for his professionalism and excellent coaching methods” 

“He has exceptional skills of being able to communicate with all people and his enthusiasm and ability to motivate gets exceptional results."

As an individual on the course, my thinking is more positive, and my outlook of life is now more ambitious. I am a much better person having attended the course and I think differently and more clearly with a positive outlook. Action plans were excellent – thank you

“Graeme knows how to set goals and achieve them”

“Graeme can always be relied on to demonstrate strong values in the delivery of the work he is involved in”

"The time for individual learning related to personal growth, acknowledgement of where you are at a point in time and then the tools to reflect and move forward were very useful. The link between the stressors and heart math 121 gave food for thought. The action planning session regarding support networks will move performance. Need to launch to a wider audience. The SMT’s and wider teams, look after the people and the business will look after itself." 


Case Studies

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Talent Series – UK Coaching: Safeguarding and Child Protection ; Fundamentals of Movement; Positive Behaviour in sport; Guide to Mentoring Sport Coaches.

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